Hello. My name is Greg, and I’ll be distracting you from the work you should be doing this evening….

“An educated man should know everything about something, and something about everything.”
—C.V. Wedgwood

There’s definitely too much fascinating stuff out there for me to confine myself to studying one subject! With five years of experience working for college newspapers, I call myself a journalist. The volume of what I recycle is twice the volume of what I throw away. I’m reasonably fluent in French after studying the language for eight years. My dad taught me how to add when I was four. I’ve taken classes in photography and graphic arts. It took me over a year of training to be able to run a “sprint” triathlon. When I was in third grade, I scratched long division problems into the dirt at recess. I can sketch out the history of the music industry from 1877 until the 1930s. I wrote QBASIC programs when I was 10. Sometimes I catch myself fingerspelling words in American Sign Language if I want to emphasize them when I’m talking. I collect 78-RPM records. One of my goals is to be able to convince a native Canadian that I’m Canadian as well. I’ve been on three competitive trivia teams.

Officially I’m a graduate student in computer science, studying technologies for natural language processing in general and focusing on automatic machine translation in particular. I have no clue what I really want to do with my life, but wouldn’t mind ending up as a university professor by default.

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  1. aimee said,

    was writing a card and looking up Répandre and came directly here…just wanted to say hi and thx!

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